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Music From The OC

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All Members , Moderated
This is a community for people interested in music from the fantastic show The OC. Members can requests songs, ask about songs played during an episode, etc. Anything related to music from the OC goes.

Please also visit the official OC music site, www.musicfromtheoc.com

Spread the musicfromtheoc love!
Post this banner by kelbellene in your info. :) [Please upload to your server.]

1. Make your entries friends only.This is for your protection. You don't want the FBI coming after you. Along the same note, you should add this community as a friend so you can see all the entries. Also, PLEASE MAKE ALL ENTRIES WITH SONGS FROM THE RECENT EPISODES WITH AN LJ-CUT IF THEY ARE POSTED BEFORE THE SUNDAY AFTER THE SHOW. If you don't have it cut, the post will be rejected.

2. Please make your topic related to OC music. You can request a song, share a song, post the lyrics to a song, ask what song is playing, suggest a song that should have been played, etc. - anything to do with the MUSIC. There should be no "omg ryan looked sooo hot this week", no icon requests, etc. There are other communities for that, most notably the_oc, oc_icons, and theoc_requests (sweet_tink's a mod there too! :))
Please also keep the posts related to music featured on the show. If you're just looking for new music, check out album_love and _rockthenight

3. I ask that if you join, please post on a regular basis. It's not fair to have just 2-3 people sharing all their music and everybody else mooching.

4. Look back over the first page of recent entries before requesting a song. If somebody has requested the same song, look in the comments of that post to see if anyone shared a link before you a post asking for the song. This will cut down on repeated requests. As of March 3rd, all the songs in the community were posted here.

5. If you have any questions that you think might be part of a FAQ, then please check the FAQ.

5. Your moderators are moon__river and sweet_tink. Contact them with any questions.

6. When requesting songs, use the following form:
Episode Name & Number:
Scene (if known):
Song Title:

7. Have fun and share often!